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Welcome To Our Dallas Resume Web Site!

Corporate Ladder provides professional Dallas resume writing services.

Corporate Ladder
is a Dallas resume writing service dedicated to the needs of business, since 1984. Our clients tend to be very successful in
their job searches with our resumes in hand. In fact, over 50% of our business is referral.Professional Resumes Dallas Resume Writing Service

10+ years of Human Resources Management Experience

Member, Dallas Better Business Bureau

Dallas, we offer a free 30-minute resume consultation, during which time we will ask a few questions about your background and discuss your
future. If we decide to work together, we will conduct an in-depth interview to evaluate your work history, assess goals, and market your achievements in a professional manner.
There are no forms to fill out, no questionnaires for you to struggle through.

After 20 years in the resume writing business Dallas, there is nothing that we haven't heard before. You may think your career issues are unique, but I can promise you, we have heard them before. With the knowledge that "you never get a second chance to make a first impression", our Dallas resumes are well-crafted packages of academic credit, career experience, and professional accomplishment, detailing your potential as a major contributor to any organization.

As a result of their experience on "both sides of the desk", our writers develop powerful, positive, and impressive Dallas resumes that pique the interest of potential employers. They are aware of current trends, buzz words, and effective marketing strategy. A resume is much more than just a grouping of dates and job titles, it reflects a tone...a demeanor...a personality...a sense of worth. It is very difficult to write an accurate, encompassing and spirited resume about yourself. The first rule of resume writing is, "do not include everything, just every important thing". But which is which?

Unless you are rhetorically-gifted and human resource-wise;
as they say at the magic shows,
"...these are professionals, don't try this at home."

Professional Dallas Resume Writing Services

Monday Friday, By Appointment Only
Saturday and Sunday, Closed
Method of Payment:
All credit and debit cards, personal checks, and cash.


Corporate Ladder Resumes
14683 Midway Rd., Ste 272 Addison, TX 75001
(Conveniently Located in North Dallas)
Tel: 972-416-5608


Job Search Tip December 19 2016: A Job Search Requires Determination

If you find yourself suddenly sitting at home on a work day wondering what happened yesterday when your boss unceremoniously told you that the company layoffs finally caught up with you, take a deep breath. That doesn't mean relax. Too many people make the mistake of thinking "I'll just relax , maybe go away and use a little of that severance pay on me. I deserve it. Huge mistake. For the first few days that you are home, life will seem strange. There will be sights and sounds that you are not accustomed to and you don't need to get comfortable in that setting. You don't belong in your chair watching television while you hear the sounds of dogs barking, a refrigerator running, and garbage trucks making pickups. In a couple of weeks you won't feel out of place anymore and with that comfort comes complacency. The very next day after job separation you need to be updating your resume and beginning your online job search. No golf, no tennis, no shopping, no drowning your sorrows. You can relax AFTER you have found your next job. There is a comfortable, relaxing sweet spot after you have told a new employer that you can start in two weeks.

Job Search Tip December 6 2016: Counter Offers - Don't Do It

You have done everything right. A professional writer created your resume, you honed your interviewing skills and conducted a targeted job search. An offer was extended and you accepted. It sounds like a happy ending, but it's not over yet. When you present your resignation to your current boss he is devastated and begs you to stay. You explain that it's nothing personal, it's all about money. The offer is $19,000 more and that is meaningful to your family. He quickly begs you to stay telling you he will gladly match the offer. You accept. Fast forward three months. There is an executive meeting in the office of your boss regarding layoffs. Halfway through the meeting your boss says, "Put Joe on that list. That #@*&% came in here three months ago and threatened to quit unless I gave him a raise. He's out!". That is really the way he remembers it. Don't do it EVER!!!

Job Search Tip November 30 2016: January Rocks for Job Searches

More people change jobs in January than any other month of the year. Employees who have hated their boss since October stick around until the end of the year to receive a bonus and holiday pay. Companies that have a fiscal year that follows the calendar year fund new jobs. Lots of activity! If you need a greater challenge or just a change, start gearing up now so that you can hit the job market on January 2nd and increase your happy-at-work spirit and perhaps your tax bracket.

JOB SEARCH TIP NOVEMBER 28 2016: Working with Recruiters

If your job search includes working with a recruiter, make sure you know the rules of the relationship. You cannot just turn your career growth over to them and sit back and wait. A recruiter is a great resource, but they don't work for you. They receive a hefty commission from the company when they fill a position. So if you are an outstanding global contract manager and they have a job order for a manager of air traffic control guess where they are going to put their efforts. Never stop pursuing your own career path. No one is as devoted as you are.

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